Know Your Why

Why do you do what you do? Why did you go to college? Why did you choose the career you’re in? Why did you marry your spouse? When making big decisions in life, you hopefully had your reasoning behind it. Your financial plan is another big decision that should have a purpose and reasoning. Why do you want to take control of your finances? If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’ll have a hard time staying focused.

Our Why

When people look at Jacob and I and don’t know our why, they probably think we’re crazy. We live very simply to put the majority of our income to our student loans. Something that many people think is a wrong decision. “Everyone has student loan debt. It’s just something you have for the next 15 years and that’s fine. You should be buying a house, buying a car, or going on vacation rather than paying off loans…” But we have great reasons for putting 70% of our monthly income to our student loans.

So why are we on the path to becoming debt free?

  • We want to be more financially stable by the time we have kids and set up our family well.
  • We want to have a house and student loan debt was too much to carry along with a mortgage.
  • We want to be good stewards of our finances and pay back our lenders. – Proverbs 22:7
  • We want to be able to have the freedom to spend money on things we want (vacations, hobbies, fun with friends, etc.) without worrying about monthly debt payments.
  • We want to make sure we’re covered and ready for any financial emergency that could occur.
  • Interest stinks and we want to pay as little as possible in interest.

So What is Your Why?

Before you even start your journey to financial freedom, you need to know why you’re on the journey. It’s going to take a long time, it’s going to be hard, and there are lots of times that you’re going to feel like giving up. But when you know your why, it will encourage you to keep going. Knowing that we’re setting up our future family for success is giving us motivation to keep pushing through until the end.

So sit down and really think through why you are wanting to change your finances and your life. Know your why before the what or the how and you will be setting yourself up for success!


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